SMC is a leading specialty chemical supplier with global sourcing and production facilities. We are the market leader in green solvents, phosphorus derivatives, and color imaging chemicals.
At SMC, we know that our customers need a reliable and consistent supply of specialty chemical products at competitive pricing. Because many chemical products are no longer manufactured in the United States, creating a reliable supply line is particularly challenging. Running out of products or having unanticipated price increases can cause significant issues for many manufacturing companies. Not only does SMC carry large inventories of our key products but our expertise and laser focus on market forces give us the ability to forecast product trends regarding pricing and availability better than our competitors. This information and insight is shared regularly with our customers who need sophisticated knowledge regarding supply trends. SMC acts as a “bridge” to bring customers and suppliers of specialty chemicals together with reliable supply, high quality, and fair pricing.
SMC is an expanding company, with opportunities for knowledgeable chemical executives to join us. We are also able to offer strategic partnerships with chemical producers around the world.

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