About us

At SMC, we use all of our strengths, creativity, and energy to help and support our customers, partners, suppliers, and employees reach their goals and objectives.

We know that our continuing success is built on every interaction that we have with our customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. Our reputation grows by doing this diligently and carefully. We listen to all of you and strive to put you in the strongest position so that you can succeed in a tough environment.

We are small enough to think creatively to solve any problem, no matter the size. Every order, conversation, and transaction gets the highest attention.

We are big enough to have low cost supply chains, so that we can provide products to our customers that add value to you and allow us to invest in improving our offerings.

We have continually grown at a 30 percent annual rate and have done this by retaining 95 percent of our 300 customers every year. We will continue to grow by adding new products for these customers and by gaining the confidence of new customers, suppliers, and partners.

To those who know us, thank you for your business. For those whom we haven't worked with yet, please give us a chance to help you reach your goals and objectives.

Adam Feldman
CEO and Chairman

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