Compliance Solutions

SMC launched the Compliance Solutions business in 1999 and established itself as the leading global supplier of PCBTF following the loss of North American production. Over the last 10 years SMC has supported the market and regulatory demands for PCBTF. The company has set the bar on product quality and maintains a massive U.S. inventory; insulating the market from potential supply disruptions and making the long supply chain unnoticeable to our customers. We have highly experienced regulatory staff working on compliance as well as assisting our customer base in developing solutions.

We added Dimethyl Carbonate and Propylene Carbonate to the product mix in 2009 and are actively supporting the regulatory demands to gain state VOC exemption for both products across the U.S.

SMC takes great pride in working with our customers to address new demands for environmental compliance for solvent applications and continue to investigate additional chemistry for its merits as additions to our Compliance Solutions business.

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