Tolling/Industrial Services

Special Materials Company's Production and Warehousing Facility is a low cost base for receiving imported materials from the ports of Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. Located in the former mill town of Kershaw, South Carolina, the facility was established in 2006 and is a completely refurbished 80,000 square feet building set in 12 acres. It is conveniently located to deliver chemical products in the South East.

SMC receives and delivers materials, both for its own customers and on behalf of other US companies. The company adds value by changing the chemical state before delivery. The company continually strives to take costs out of the raw material supply chain while seeking to preserve or re-establish the levels of customer service which may have disappeared from the changing global economy.

SMC offers the following services:

PORT COLLECTION from Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA by HAZMAT drivers.

WAREHOUSING. Short-term storage for your materials in our 40,000 sq ft warehouse.

REPACKAGING. from small packs, sacks, drums or totes into the packaging you need or into bulk.

RELABELING according to your requirements.

CONVERSION TO LIQUIDS. Solids can be dissolved, dispersed or made into slurries. We can melt and handle materials up to 150°C.

SOLUTION ADJUSTMENT. We can dilute, adjust pH, add minor ingredients and reformulate.

NEUTRALIZATION We can handle corrosives and provide salt solutions.

REACTIONS AND CONVERSIONS. Talk to us about your requirements.

DELIVERY by our drivers within a 300 mile radius of Kershaw, SC (60 miles south of Charlotte, NC).

Special Materials Company uses the following equipment and assets to enhance the versatility of its

Tolling and Industrial Services:
Warehousing and Storage
40,000 sq ft of warehouse space

Blending and Reaction Vessels:
Three 304SS 4000 gal with 30HP agitation
Glass lined 5000 gal with 25HP agitation

Solids Dispersion Vessels:
304 SS 1500 gal with 100HP agitation

Storage Vessels
Various 316SS up to 15,000 gal

Separation Equipment
Three SWECO screens
Bag filters

Two tractor units and HAZMAT drivers
Four 7,000 gal 316SS bulk liquid trailers
Two 20-40' container and one 53' box trailer

Steam at 150 psig, Cooling Water and Instrument Air

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