Products and Services

SMC's products touch everyday lives in many different ways. We serve a diverse range of industries, including Oil & Gas, Paint & Coatings, Paper, Electronics, and Chemical Intermediates, as well as Agriculture, Resins & Adhesives, Textiles, and Color Imaging.

Our leading products include Phosphorus PentoxideSodium Hypophosphite, Polyphosphoric AcidDimethyl CarbonatePCBTFPropylene Carbonate, Hypophosphorous Acid, and several Organophosphorus Flame Retardant chemicals including THPSTHPC, and Cyclic Phosphonates. Please also check our new Phosphinic Acids website for more information on Benzene Phosphinic Acid and general Aryl Phosphines website with Sodium Benzene Phosphinate and Potassium Benzene Phosphinate.

SMC provides environmental compliance solutions for solvent applications. For more details on the range of specialty chemicals we supply and the compliance solutions we offer, please check our specific product and services pages on the left.

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