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SMC is both a manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals. SMC manufactures 40 percent of the materials it distributes. We have built partnerships with suppliers to develop the capacity for the remaining 60 percent of our distribution.

SMC works with suppliers of niche industrial specialty chemicals for consumption in the following industries:

• Paints, Coatings, and Plating
• Paper
• Imaging
• Water Treatment
• Oil Field service
• Textiles
• Polymer Additives

SMC has a strong customer network, selling to many of the Fortune 500 companies. SMC has developed a fine reputation with the major companies in the above industries.

SMC invests in manufacturing operations in order to support our marketing efforts. We have ownership in four factories-three in China and one in the United States. SMC seeks to make additional investments in manufacturing companies that produce specialty chemicals for the above-mentioned industries.

SMC has a proven track record of partnering with Chinese factories to increase sales of existing products and add new value-added products through the introduction of technology and marketing information. In this way, SMC's local partner maintains the management of the factory and through this partnership with SMC, grows its sales and profits significantly. This has proved to be a winning formula for SMC and our partner companies.

SMC has many years of experience dealing with local entrepreneurs in emerging markets such as China, India, South America, and Eastern Europe. We are flexible, tailoring each arrangement to the particular needs of our partner/producers.

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