A Different Kind of Career

Our greatest strength is our people.

SMC Global employees possess experience, expertise and insights into the chemicals we supply and the markets we serve. We develop deep relationships with our customers to help them succeed in the often-volatile markets they serve.

Walking over factory shop - Rear view of industrial engineers in hardhats walking over factory shop while discussing products

Our strength, creativity, and energy is focused on helping and supporting our community – our customers, partners, suppliers, and employees – as they reach their individual goals and objectives. We know that our continuing success is built on every interaction that we have with this community. We listen to our employees and put you in the strongest position so that you can succeed in a tough environment.

Yet, we are small enough to think creatively to solve any problem, no matter the size. Every order, conversation, and transaction gets the highest attention. Our company is big enough to maintain low cost supply chains, so that we can provide products to our customers that add value and allow us to invest in improving our offerings.

Join us and learn how we deliver A Different Kind of Career.

Ready to Join Us?

Our team is small but growing. We work harder and more creatively than the “big brands” to be more agile when serving our customers. We know that many of you working in the chemical industry today are frustrated. You have great ideas and expertise, but you may find yourself stuck in a job with a company that can’t or won’t make the best use of your talents.

If you are looking for an opportunity to grow in the chemical industry, or if you are entrepreneurial and have significant product expertise, we are interested in demonstrating how “a different kind of chemistry” may work for you!

We are looking to partner with and promote the ideas of people in the chemical industry who are looking for an exciting challenge. We need your expertise to continue our expansion. Areas of interest are Oilfield Services, Paints & Coatings, Agriculture, Mining, Plating & Electronics, and Chemical Intermediates, as well as Resins & Adhesives, Textiles, Pulp & Paper and Color Imaging. We are also interested in expanding into India, South America, and Eastern Europe.

Back view of successful older business owner or manager in discussion with employees on site at a chemical plant. - Diversity of ethnic background, Caucasian, African American and Indian. age and gender. All wearing appropriate PPE, Personal Protective Equipment. Non urban location. Outdoors.


Adam Feldman

Adam Feldman

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Adam began his career in the chemical business working in the labs of CP Chemicals while still in high school. He then earned a degree in Philosophy from the University of California at Berkley and an MBA from NYU. He advanced to working as a senior executive at CP Chemicals and later at Philipp Brothers Chemicals until 1990, when he started his own business focused on producing chemicals from by-products in Asia. In the mid-90’s Adam and his partners formed Special Materials Company to take advantage of opportunities that presented themselves due to the consolidation in the industry and the opening up of China. In recognition of the success of SMC Global, Adam was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2013.

Kevin Huber

Kevin Huber

Co-Founder, Executive Vice President and Principal

Kevin began his 30+ year career in the metals and chemical industry in sales and business management working for The International Materials and Chemicals Group.  Kevin co-founded SMC-global in 1996 after recognizing opportunities that were emerging from developing markets in Asia.   Kevin has been a critical component in the success and growth of SMC Global and has built his career and reputation around honoring customer commitments.  Kevin continues to focus on building the strongest team possible to support the critical role that SMC Global plays in making our customers successful.  Kevin, his wife Maria and their four children reside in New Hope, PA and are active supporters of Adoption.