Phosphorus Pentoxide

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Phosphorus Pentoxide General Information

Chemical Name: Phosphorus Pentoxide
Synonyms: Diphosphorus Pentoxide, Phosphoric Anhydride, Phosphorus(V) Oxide
Chemical Formula: P2O5
Molecular Formula: P4O10
CAS Number: 1314-56-3
CAS Number (P4O10): 16752-60-6
EC Number: 215-236-1

Phosphorus Pentoxide Uses

Dehydrating Agent – Phosphorus Pentoxide is used as a strong drying and dehydrating agent. Many reactions that require the removal of a water molecule can utilize P2O5 such as the dehydration of amides to nitriles.

Starting Material – Phosphorus Pentoxide is the starting material for phosphate esters used as surfactants and extraction agents.

Glass – It is used to manufacture optical glass and heat-insulating glass.

Organic Synthesis – Pharmaceuticals and pesticides are manufactured using P2O5

Phosphorus Pentoxide Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Product Name: Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) – HP

Quality: SMC Spec. 631

Batch: 20110122HP/11340

Test/Property Specification Result
Appearance White soft powder White soft powder
Arsenic (As), % 0.010 % MAXIMUM 0.006
Assay, % 99.50 % MINIMUM 99.56
Iron (Fe), % Less than 0.001% Less than 0.001%
Lead (Pb), % Less than 0.002 Less than 0.002
Lower Oxides (as P2O3), % Less than 0.02 % Less than 0.02 %


Approval Date:  1/31/2011

Spec Revision

Phosphorus Pentoxide Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)