SMC Global provides many value-added services to our customers, including Toll & Contract Manufacturing, Warehousing & Fulfillment, Logistics & Distribution, Sourcing, and Financial.

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A Highly-Functional Partner to Our Clients and Customers

SMC Global plays a critical part of the supply chain for our large and small manufacturing customers and distributors. We know the supply chain doesn’t just begin and end with us – you have customers of your own. That’s why we take ownership for the whole process – from the manufacturing floor to your loading dock. In addition to the products that we supply, SMC Global offers critical services to meet all the needs of our customers across a wide range of industries.

Our services include Toll and Contract Manufacturing, Warehousing, Fulfillment, Logistics, Distribution and Financing.

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SMC Global provides toll and contract manufacturing services to a wide range of companies in the Agrochemical, Mining, Oilfield, Paints & Coatings, Textiles, Pulp and Paper, and Building Materials Industries.

We specialize in liquid conversions, solution adjustments, neutralization, reactions, and conversions that provide a lower cost option than internal production, thereby becoming an extension of your manufacturing and logistical operations.

We can support both short-term stand-alone projects and multi-year programs while providing client peace of mind through compliance with, and understanding of, non-disclosure agreements.

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Warehousing & FULLFILLMENT

SMC Global maintains numerous strategically located warehousing sites across North America and international that allow us to ensure timely availability and delivery to the key industries we serve.

At SMC Global, we understand that many customers need flexible filling and packaging options from their contract manufacturer.

Our standard packaging options include totes, drums, and pails. Smaller packaging is also available as well as custom packaging services in conjunction with our chemical processing services.


Logistics & Distribution

SMC Global provides the knowledge and expertise to manage strong continuity in the chemical supply chain. We understand the needs of your industry for an uninterrupted supply chain and our logistics and distribution capabilities are designed to get your chemicals from manufacturing site, to port of entry, to your loading dock.

In addition to our four, full-service operation facilities, strategic placed distribution center and warehousing sites, SMC Global company-owned transportation fleet and professional drivers will deliver on time shipments and exceptional customer service.

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Specialty chemical sourcing is a unique benefit of your partnership with SMC Global. Our international presence allows us to develop supplies that cover “orphaned” products that may still be required by a varied portfolio of industries. At SMC Global, our worldwide network acts as a resource for sourcing and manufacturing complex specialty chemicals in a timely and efficient manner. Our sustainable sourcing approach ensures a smooth and seamless process, providing many decades of expertise to meet your company’s inventory demands and maximize productivity.


We understand your company has financial demands beyond chemical manufacturing. SMC Global is proud to offer a full range of financing options so you can continue operations without stopping to manage income and expenses.

We offer financing options for every industry we serve. Our supplier financing solutions are flexible and focused on your company’s profitability; our goal as your chemical manufacturing partner is to provide you with the highest quality chemical products at fair industry costs, tailored to your operations schedule.

At SMC Global, we are dedicated to finding financing solutions to streamline your operating costs and ensure your ability to maintain a consistent inventory of innovative chemical products at reliable prices.

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