Partnerships & Suppliers

The partnerships we develop help provide our most valuable assets.

We built our network in the specialty chemicals industry to maximize the greatest compatibilty between our suppliers and our customers.  Adaptability in managing and customizing those  assets has proved to be of great benefit to our entire network.

At SMC Global, we understand that our strong customer network (many of Fortune 500) relies on us to help them reduce cost, improve quality, and develop new processes and products faster than their competition.

For decades now, we have developed a well-earned reputation within our existing network and we continue to look for new suppliers for the industries we serve to deliver quality chemical products and services commensurate with the prestige associated with the customers we serve.

If you want to become part of SMC Global’s supply chain, please email your company and service information to

Chemical factory interior


United States:

SMC Global’s production and warehousing facility in Kershaw, South Carolina is a low-cost base for receiving imported materials from the ports of Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. The facility was established in 2006 and is a completely refurbished 80,000 square-foot building set in 12 acres. It is conveniently located to deliver chemical products in the Southeast. SMC receives and delivers materials, both for its own customers and on behalf of other US companies. The company adds value by changing the chemical state before delivery. SMC continually strives to take costs out of the raw material supply chain while seeking to preserve or re-establish the levels of customer service that may have disappeared from the changing global economy.