SMC Oilfield Chemicals, a division of Special Materials Company (SMC Global) opens its third industrial facility in San Angelo, Texas since their first footprint in May of 2017. The new 80,000 square-feet industrial building located just south of the City of San Angelo and easy access to State Highway Loop 306 will provide additional warehousing capabilities to their chemical manufacturing located at 3820 Christoval Road and first distribution site at 3862 Tractor Trails bringing SMC Oilfield Chemicals industrial holding to 140,000 square-feet.

“The decision to expand and continue to grow in San Angelo is a logical step in our business strategy in the booming Permian Basin,” said Kevin Huber, Vice President Executive and Founder. “We are very happy and thankful to the San Angelo Economic Development Department and its community for helping us with this new opportunity to further increase our operations here.”

Since May of 2017, The San Angelo Chamber of Commerce Economic Development has worked with corporate leadership to help bring SMC Global to San Angelo promoting the economic growth and sustainability of the region.

According to the Mayor of The City of San Angelo, Ms. Brenda Gunter, “I am pleased that SMC Global has found our great city a great place to do business in. We have created a strong partnership with SMC Global and know that great partnerships produce positive growth and development.”

Similarly, Commissioner Tommy Hiebert said “I applaud and appreciate SMC Global investing in and committing to our community in a way that benefits us all. Some of our citizens will prosper from the great-paying jobs SMC Global provides. Business expansions always grow the local tax base, which helps us build a more robust commercial base that can ease the property tax burden on homeowners. I’m thankful for SMC Global belief in San Angelo and for our economic development team work in cultivating this partnership.”