Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulfate (THPS)

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Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulfate (THPS) General Information

Chemical Name: Tetrakis (hydroxymethyl) phosphonium sulfate
Synonyms: Octakis (Hydroxymethyl) Diphosphonium Sulfate, THPS
Chemical Formula: C8H24O12P2S
CAS Number: 55566-30-8
EC Number: 259-709-0

Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulfate (THPS)

THPS 75% is useful in a wide variety of industries including textile finishing and leather tanning, oil and gas production and industrial water treatment. Its broad range of use is based on multifunctional properties that make it an effective agent for flame retardancy, protein crosslinking, and metal sequestration and deposit control.

Textile Flame Retardant – In textile finishing, Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulfate is used to impart flame retardancy to cotton fabric. This is accomplished by first forming a precondensate with urea and subsequent curing of the precondensate onto the fabric.

Leather tanning – Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulfate can be an effective substitute for chrome in the tanning of hides. The use of THPS 75% produces a white hide and allows the tanner to reduce the use of hazardous chrome salts.

Oilfield – Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulfate acts as an iron sulfide scavenger in oilfield waters by turning it into a water soluble complex. It has been shown that the addition of small quantities of THPS 75% to produced water containing iron sulfide will effectively reduce the level of iron sulfide in the water and remove deposits from pipe surfaces, filter media, and other equipment.

The benefits include reduced corrosion of pipes and pump components, improved filter life, improved permeability at the well bore, increased efficiency of oil/water separation, and reduced sheen formation in offshore discharge of produced waters.

Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulfate (THPS) Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)