The BIG 20! This year marks a special milestone in Denise’s career with SMC– her twenty-year work anniversary!

Denise Mann started at SMC Global in April 2003, in the accounting department.

She has worn many hats throughout her time with the company and is known for her authenticity and reliability.

Adam Feldman, founder, and CEO, said, “I remember when Denise started with SMC Global. The company had a handful of employees, and Denise was the first full-time employee in the accounting department. The company was small, and everyone wore several hats.”

Adam shared, “Through all the changes and extraordinary growth, Denise is like a rock, symbolizing a culture of stability and loyalty.”

Over the past two decades, Denise has witnessed SMC Global thrive from its humble beginnings to a team of more than one hundred employees. Denise shared, “When I started, we had a one-room office in NYC with only four people and six more working remotely. Now, after twenty years, it amazes me to have seen the tremendous growth of our company. I have enjoyed the people, past and present, that I have worked with. SMC Global is a unique work “family” environment.”

SMC Global is very grateful for all the hard work and dedication Denise has brought to the company. “Denise has been a fixture within SMC Global for so many years. I recall that she was always willing to help, even when it wasn’t her job specifically,” said Kevin Huber, SMC Global’s founder, CCO, and EVP. “In a small company, for it to develop, the employees must be flexible and willing to go the extra mile and do what the company needs. Denise exemplifies this culture.”

Beyond her hard work, Denise’s expertise and professionalism have been invaluable to the company. “Denise is the backbone of our back-office operations. Her dedication, willingness to help, and ability to wear multiple hats have been instrumental in her SMC Global journey,” said Irina Rosenzweig, Director of Finance and Denise’s manager. “Throughout these two decades, her commitment to SMC Global and her colleagues has been unwavering, and I appreciate her contributions.”

Similarly, Maxine Okoye, customer service manager, stated, “I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Denise over the past 15 years. Her continued support and all the help she provided with our ERP system and training are greatly appreciated. It’s a pleasure to let her know how much we value her team spirit, hard work, and dedication.”

Denise’s loyalty and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and SMC Global appreciates everything she has done. We couldn’t be prouder to have Denise on our team!