Welcome to SMC Global’s EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT, where we shine a light on our exceptional employees, delve into their roles within SMC, and engage in a quick Q&A session to get to know them better! Each featured person has been nominated by their fellow peers who feel that this person goes above and beyond their job with SMC.

This month, we are delighted to introduce Tara Jackson. Tara started at SMC Global in August of 2022 as our Domestic Logistics Coordinator, based out of our Kershaw Warehouse.

Q: How would you summarize what you do?
Tara: My job is to transport our products from SMC warehouses to the customer. My main goal is to meet the customer’s needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Q: Favorite part of your job?
Tara: My favorite part about this job is that it is fast-paced and never boring. There is always something new to learn and do.

Q: What does your daily routine look like?
Tara: I go through my emails and address any urgent request or issues. Then check to see if any orders did not ship as requested. Finally, I start releasing orders to the warehouses and arranging carriers.

Q: What’s unique about working for our organization?
Tara: The people. SMC is a very diverse group of people who are great to work with. When I need guidance or help someone is always there to help me complete my job.

Tara Jackson + her husband

Q: 3 words you would use to describe SMC?
Tara: Challenging, Flexible, & Demanding.

Q: What are you looking most forward to in your current role?
Tara: Seeing how much I can learn about our products and the opportunity for growth.

Q: Before working here- what was your most unusual job?
Tara: Testing material that is in home air filters.

Q: What’s something surprising that not many people know about you?
Tara: I love watching football (go Carolina Gamecocks + KC Chiefs!) and grilling in the great outdoors

Q: Name one thing on your bucket list.
Tara: To see the Northern Lights!


When Tara is not at work, she can be found working on home improvement projects such as creating a stunning outdoor living space, tending to her yard, cutting down trees, and ensuring that all her local birds have full feeders. Thank you, Tara, for sharing more about your passions with us!