Welcome to SMC Global’s EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT, where we shine a light on our exceptional employees, delve into their roles within SMC, and engage in a quick Q&A session to get to know them better!

This month, we are pleased to introduce Dhiraj Shrestha, our Chemist, who has been a valuable team member for nearly three years. Dhiraj is based out of the Oilfield Office in San Angelo, Texas. Originally from Nepal, he relocated to the United States to pursue his education at Angelo State University, where he obtained a degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry. His specialized background adds a unique and valuable perspective to his work at SMC.

Q: Favorite part of your job?
A: One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is the opportunity to develop and improvise methods. Developing/Improvising the methods. I always like to think there is a better way to perform than previously for anything. So, whether it be a new or existing project, be a lab method or any other relating to my role, I just love working on the challenges and it keeps me bothering until I succeed in solving that problem and seeing the expected results. The best feeling is after the result, when I get to know it has helped others in some way.

(clockwise) Dhiraj at work, Dhiraj in the NYC Subway, Dhiraj taking a nap to catch his breath after climbing a large glacier in Alaska. 

Q: What’s unique about working for our organization?
A: What’s so unique about SMC is the genuine culture of appreciation and acknowledgment of what you do. It might be an understatement to say it seems very rare to feel left out while working at SMC. Being an international student and joining this team right after college, I had this fear of that they do not like/understand me because of my foreign accent? What if I might not be able to contribute to the goal of the organization just because of some misunderstanding or some cultural differences? However, since Day 1 of my career at SMC, I have received nothing but immense support, motivation, and appreciation from everyone for my job skills, even though I feel like I am just doing my job. That is why I just feel so blessed and thankful to be a part of this ever-growing synergetic culture of SMC.

Q: Before working here- what was your most unusual job?
A: My first job in the US was working at Chick-Fil-A on campus when I was a freshman. It was my first time working in a restaurant, and I never imagined myself working in a fast-food chain. The 4 to 5-hour shifts felt like an eternity due to the fast-paced working environment. I also had to do clean up from the previous shift sometimes. By the end of the day, I would return to the dorm smelling like Chick-Fil-A.

During my first year in the US, being thousands of miles away from friends and family, I didn’t know many people, a full schedule of classes and assignments, a second job, and working hard at Chick-Fil-A… I often wondered if this was the American Dream I had signed up for? These thoughts consumed me throughout my first year, and it gave me a newfound respect for those who work in fast-food restaurants.

Q: What’s something surprising that not many people know about you?
A: My dancing that comes out only after a few drinks! Only a few close lucky people that I feel comfortable with have seen it.

Q: If you could have one superpower- what would it be?
A: I wish I had the power to print or create anything in real life. This would include not only things that already exist in the universe but also imaginative and unique creations that have never been seen before. Essentially, I would be like a “universal printer.”

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up?
A: I’ve always dreamed of becoming a doctor because the idea of saving lives has always intrigued me. However, after getting sick frequently and being hospitalized multiple times, that passion faded away.

Q: One hobby you wish you had time to learn?
A: Drawing/Art with professional classes/courses. Self-learning has been and is always on the go though.

Q: Name one thing on your bucket list.
A: To travel around the globe.

When Dhiraj isn’t busy at work, you’ll catch him working out and traveling. In December of 2022, he had the opportunity to travel to New York City. He thanks Kevin for facilitating this trip, and to Roberto for serving as his tour guide in the city. Reflecting on his experience, he said, “New York felt a lot like Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal where I was born, with its packed buildings and lively streets. The city vibe was so familiar and thrilling.”And more recently, Dhiraj visited Alaska for 10 days. The beautiful mountains and cold temperatures reminded him of being home in Nepal.

Thank you Dhiraj for letting us get to know you a little better. We look forward to watching your career here at SMC Global.