SMC Global is proud to recognize Mike Norwood for his 15 years of dedicated service with the company, making him one of our most seasoned employees. While Mike holds the official title of Distribution Service Manager, he is truly the expert in phosphorous derivatives and serves as the primary liaison with Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD). Working with some of the largest customers in the world, Mike is an invaluable member of the SMC Team, contributing significantly to our growth and success.

Mike’s expertise and knowledge have been instrumental in shaping the company’s trajectory, earning him respect not only within the industry but also among his colleagues. Below, you will find a selection of testimonials highlighting the exceptional qualities that make Mike Norwood an indispensable asset to our team.

Mike is a committed SMC soldier. He gets dirty, dusts himself off and gets back on the horse. He is well liked and respected by all who know him, and even though he has threatened retirement for the last 5 years, his heart is still in the game. He likes to eat, drink, and smoke his cigars and is rather crotchety now, but I see him hanging around another 5 years! Thanks for the 15 years Mike, you are good man.
    – Kevin Huber, Founder + COO

(clockwise) Jay Lovetere with Mike Norwood (center), Mike enjoying a football game (he’s number 77), and Mike (sitting) with his coworkers in Lambertville, PA at a Sales Meeting 

Mike and I go back to our former employer, MacDermid Incorporated, in the 1990s, where he was known as “Hollywood” for the amount of time he spent in San Diego doing “Technical Service”. My 2 boys still call him Hollywood, as he used to hang my now 31-year-old six-foot-one son upside down by his ankles when he was 6 years old wearing a Yankees jersey. My finest moment with Mike was going to the Red Sox/Yankees 2005 opening day game after winning the World Series in 2004 and coming back 0-3 vs the evil empire NY Yankees. 15 years ago, I introduced Mike to SMC…..might take some heat for that! Just kidding, Mike….your customers love you as well as the many friends you have!
    – Jay LoVetere, Management Team

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when Norwood calls is I know we’re going to BS for a few minutes and eventually talk about work. For the life of me I can’t understand why he keeps betting me on college football against my Clemson Tigers because he loses all the time!!! Lastly, for the 15-year gift that the company gives to employees- can we please pay for him to get some golf lessons? Keep up the good work Mike!
      – Heath Brewer, Senior Site Manager

I wish I was technical enough to add emojis here. I’d add an emoji of the finest bottle of bourbon, a Siglo 6 Cuban Cigar (Fidel Castro’s private label), and one of the hardest-working people on earth. It would be subtitled, “Guys, in 2 years, you can have all this. I’m going to retire and be done with all this, and you’re welcome to it!”
Customers love him. He loves them. Believe me, it shows. It’s that simple.
    -Stephen Schmidt, VP of Commercial Operations


Besides the fun conversation and hard work, he puts in with travel and customer relationships, he has been quite the character over the time I have known him- even when he called on me in my previous position. There’s one thing I love about Mike; you always know where you stand. For a Texan, we appreciate that attribute. He also knows his way around when it comes to wine and spirits, along with a good cigar. He may even know a few great restaurants to meet up with clients. Even though he says he is going to retire in the next few years (he has been saying that for 10 years) we know he’s fun-loving and hard-working.
Congratulations Mike! We will see you at your retirement party on your next 15th anniversary.
    -Brad Vickery, Business Manager